Saturday, May 25, 2019
To form a fraternity comprising of all former students, that strives towards a common goal of living up to the standards of Sai principles by being an integral part of the school and its activities and to achieve in unity, the goals of service and love for all, at all times

N e w s   L e t t e r s
The members of the SOS family are scattered all around the world. In order to keep ourselves abreast with the latest happenings at home and abroad and to maintain the connection as a group,we have been striving to communicate with every one on a regular basis. An easy and efficient way of achieving this was through publishing the Newsletters.

In the past few months, the Newsletters have been the media to broadcast news and interesting events about our school,teachers, students, alumni, service activities and Parthi trips.

Following the maiden issue in May 2000, SOS sent out two bi-monthly editions to all the enrolled members via electronic mail. Copies of the Newsletters were posted in the SOS corner in the School notice board and were distributed to other members at home.

All alumni are sincerely requested to share special events and important occasions in their lives with Students of Sai for inclusion in the Newsletters. Birthdays, Weddings and Graduations are only a few to name! SOS also requests all the members to be proactive in sharing funny moments from school life and other relevant reflections from the past. Creative contributions in the form of poems, paintings, photos and other literary works are also welcome. Newsletters are avenues to continue to share our lives with the near and dear friends of the past.

So, do not hesitate to contact to send in your contributions for the forth coming Newsletter.

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